Friday, September 09, 2005

Sue Me: No, that's not the name of a Korean junior tennis sensation. It's my response to Flyer, who takes me to task in the comments for predicting a good Federer-Nalbandian match. I agree that it was a cakewalk. That said, here's what you got in that match that Agassi-Blake didn't offer: You got to see a man, running full chat across the court, whip a one-handed backhand cross court on the fly and have it smack the line and still have enough kick to bounce out of his opponent's reach. And dis you see his effortless passing shot that almost knocked the racquet out of Nalbandian's hands? Watching Agassi is fine, but watching Federer is like watching ballet. Sweaty ballet. With bushy eybrows. Okay, it's not ballet, but it's still amazing.

Predictions? I'll take Federer (surprise!) over Ginepri in the finals, following Ginepri's stunning straight-set takedown of Agassi. (What the hell; you can't pick all favorites.) For the chicks, the semi matches have already started, so I won't take picks there. I'll just take Clijsters in the final.

Oh, and now that Lllllllleyton has dumped Clijsters, she should get together with Ginepri, since both their names are vaguely gynecological.

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Razor said...

Peirce won in three, after losing the first set 3-6 and suffering back spasms. So, the 12 seed rolls on.