Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In defense of duct tape: At Cold Fury the case is made that Tom Ridge's "Readiness Kits," the ones that included food, water and duct tape, might have come in a tad handy during the worst natural disaster in America in the past centruy or so.

Do you remember when the last Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge, told us that to be prepared for emergencies, we should put together a readiness kit? I do. The kit layout is suggested at Ready.Gov. The portion of the kit for dealing with attacks and natural disasters should have, ideally, “at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food” and a corresponding amount of water - a gallon per day per person.

Yet when he announced the suggested measures that we all take to prepare for potential terror attacks or natural disasters, he was met with nothing but mockery. So much so, that his name is synonymous with duct tape - since that’s the only thing anybody in the MSM (or for that matter the lefty blogosphere) cared to discuss.

Thanks for undercutting it, my patriotic left wing friends, and calling it partisan scare mongering. What kind of a warped mind, can spin basic common sense as partisan bickering.

Sure it could have helped, but my bet is that not many poor people in New Orleans would have taken the time or effort to prepare such kit no matter how much Tom Ridge called for it or if every Democrat in the state had called it the greatest idea since the go-cup. After all, for most of these people "preparedness" means putting a pot of rice on to cook before you know what you're making for dinner.

Still, it's not a bad idea for anyone living in a vulnerable area.


Razor said...

Oh, puh-leeze. No one...NO ONE...was taking his duct tape and water as a serious idea back then b/c the only threat we (and really Ridge himself) were considering was tactical explosives or small-scale nukes.

Clearly, such a kit would have done nothing to people in NYC -- either you were killed by the plane crashes or you pretty much lived as before, albeit in abject fear and shock.

Assume a nuke or "dirty bomb" goes off in a city. Well, either you're dead or dying - and no amount of purified water will help you. If you're out in the burbs, then other than getting out of the way of the radioactive wind, your life is not going to be much affected (again, leaving aside the fear and shock) - chances are your electricity is still on, your water is running, and hell, your cable to watch Geraldo don a protective suit and jump into the still glowing ground zero.

Duct tape and water are best suited to a natural disaster, and would have indeed helped many of those in NOLA. However, you didn't hear word one of that in all the warnings leading up to the storm, one was harkening back to Ridge's warnings which were offered in the wake of 9/11. I don't recall the color-coded alert meter being turned on due to Katrina either...

Flyer said...

I don't disagree, but I think there's an a valuable lesson to be learned that no matter who's in the White House or the Governor's Mansion, heading up FEMA or the local Police Dept., you better have some idea how to provide for yourself in a disaster for at least a few days. And that can apply to natural or man-made disasters.

The original post goes over the top blaming Democrats for people not having bottled water in storage, but nobody wants to hear smeone in Washington say you're responsible for your own immediate provisions.