Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Picks ahoy: Yeah I rushed through these at the last minute. Didn't even have time to consult Alabama Slim's 1-800 number which guarantees 2 locks of the week for just $19.95.

AFC East: New England. Two time defenders get benefit of doubtat least through regular season.

AFC North: Pittsburgh. Brian Billick is the antichrist and Jamal Lewis is injured. The two + games he'll miss will keep him from getting truly in sync with the offense after being out of camp with suspensions and surgery rehab.

AFC South: Indianapolis: Most talented team in NFL just signed Corey Simon to help out defense. He helped Philly last year, he'll do the same this year.

AFC West: San Diego: Offense will be enough to get them out of weak division. Maybe.

NFC East: Phildelphia. The meltdown is beginning between T.O. and McNabb, but it won't matter till the playoffs.

NFC North: Green Bay has one more shot with Favre and he knows it. They'll win ugly, but they'll win.

NFC South: Carolina. Please God, no injuries.

NFC West: Seattle. Talent to spare, but will their heads be screwed on straight this year. I think so.

AFC Wildcards: NY Jets Tennessee

NFC Wildcards: Atlanta Dallas

Super Bowl: Change the name to the Flyer Curse, Indy over Carolina.

First coach fired: None during the season. All the worst teams have first or second year coaches and they'll have a grace period. Exept Detroit, but since that's going to take total mangement restructuring, as Razor suggests, I think it'll happen after the season.

First QB benched: Tim Rattay, and it'll onlyget worse for SF.

Most improved: NY Giants. Little Manning will come around nicely this year.

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