Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Future of New Orleans: Re: talk of where/how/if to rebuild the city, this from George Friedman at Stratfor.
It follows from this that the port will have to be revived and, one would assume, the city as well. The ports around New Orleans are located as far north as they can be and still be accessed by ocean-going vessels. The need for ships to be able to pass each other in the waterways, which narrow to the north, adds to the problem. Besides, the Highway 190 bridge in Baton Rouge blocks the river going north. New Orleans is where it is for a reason: The United States needs a city right there.
It's a rather long discussion, but it details the importance of the ports in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana. I have a feeling economics will win the day in this debate. If there is no other economically efficient alternative, NOLA will be rebuilt right smack where it is right now. Hopefully better.

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