Friday, September 02, 2005

NFL Time: Presented with minimal cribbing from chowderheads: For division winners I'll take New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, and Denver in the AFC. For the NFC, I think Parcells really does know what he's doing, so Dallas, Minnesota, Carolina, Seattle. It's silly to go deep in picking all the wildcards, so I'll pick the ones that will emerge: Bengals in the AFC, Cardinals in the NFC. Arizona will ride the wildcard into the superbowl, only to lose to Indy.

Bonus round: Joe Gibbs will be fired first, Owens will not be suspended in the regular season, Cleveland's Trent Dilfer will get benched (although Chicago will wish they could bench Jeff Blake, but they have nobody else) and Arizona, obviously, will have the biggest improvement from '04.

So there. All predictions guaranteed to be similar to coin toss in predictive power.

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