Friday, September 02, 2005

One More Thing: How about Agassi, who is nearly eligible for Social Security, hanging on against Ivo Karlovic in three tiebreaker sets? Ivo is a powerhouse server. Plus he's nearly a foot taller than Andre. Sure, he's not exactly a player's player, but he has the kind of pace that can wear down a has-been pretty quickly.

If ever there was a test for those creaky old bones, the Croatian Sensation was it. Kudos to Andre.

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Flyer said...

That was the other thing I wtached yesterday. Agassi was never really in danger oflosing, but could easily have gotten frustrated and pressed for the break too hard. Every time he needed it, Karlovic got an ace to keep himself alive. Agassi looked sharp as ever and never in doubt that he'd win each tiebreaker. I wonder how he'll do later in the tournament, though, serving consistently in the mid 90's.