Wednesday, September 21, 2005

And you can fit a case of chaw in it: Quick, you only have a short amount of time left to bid on some priceless memorabilia. No, not an Elvis jumpsuit. Nope, not a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Silly, it's Robbie Gordon's helmet -- you know the one he threw at Darryl Waltrip in last week's race in New Hampshire? Now, how much would you bid for something so ummmm, memorable as that? $20? Well, okay, brand new it's probably worth like $1000, so given a few dents, nicks, and scars from uhhhh, being thrown across the track, let's say $750.

What's that you say? Freaking over $9 million???

Oh, the proceeds go to Katrina relief. Big E would approve.

I wonder how much we could get for Roddick's racquet from the U.S. Open --- hardly used! Yukyukyuk.


Flyer said...

Bet you're wondering where I'm gonna come up with the 9 mil. Hopefully someone outbids me by $1. Otherwise I'm sending the bill to you.

Razor said...

Hey this:


Flyer...NASCAR is not a sport!

*waves arms around madly whilst dancing in circles, naked"

enobarbus said...

Oh, I think Flyer might agree that NASCAR is pussy stuff. (I mean, it's not like blasting, balls out, through La Rascasse at Monaco, facing the very real chance that you might pitch it over the rail and into the harbor like Paul Hawkins so famously did in his Lotus.)

Still, I don't think he'd admit it real quickly in front of his dentally challenged neighbors down there in The Land That Time Forgot.

Flyer said...

I'm pretty much considered an idiot for not knowing anything about Nascar here. Once I waas around a crowd of people and they were talking about the race that week in Bristol, and I, sutpidly, said I was surprised they had a Nascar race in Connecticut. My, oh my, that was more entertaining than an Andy Griffith marathon.