Friday, September 16, 2005

Lying liars and the lies they tell: Remember Andrew Sullivan? You know, the gay conservative pundit who seemed to have the blogosphere in thrall from about 2002 through the first half of 2004? Yeah, that guy who suddenly went bat shit during the months leading up to the presidential election, getting so worked up into a lather that he threatened, nay promised, he was quitting blogging? Hell, even Eno took him at his word and dropped him from our illustrious and award-winning blogroll.

Well, for a guy who had quit blogging, he sure ummm, blogs a lot! Worse still, Sullivan, who took "blegging" to a whole 'nother level (successfully I might add -- raking in thousands of dollars), is still asking for your fund his operations.

Now, again, if you want to pay for his howling at the moon, please go ahead. It's your money and a free blogosphere. But FOR A GUY WHO QUIT BLOGGING** HE SURE HAS A LOT OF NERVE ASKING FOR OUR MONEY TO KEEP BLOGGING++!

Luckily, we here at FauxPolitik promise to keep chugging along and while Eno's compensation demands have gotten a little out of hand lately (we don't even have a hook-up for a bidet), our budget allows us to maintain the consistent high quality you've all come to expect.

**He said he'd come back in maybe nine months, so if he "quit" in February, he's still got two months to cool his heels. In any event, my argument remains quite sound.

++But if anyone wants to give me one of those Apple Nanos...I won't complain -- it will be our little secret.

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