Friday, September 02, 2005

As Stephen would say, "Required Reading": Will Collier, over at Vodka, says the rest of what I've been thinking, but haven't written, but with much better support and detail, as opposed to my usual hems, haws and mindless speculation.

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Flyer said...

Will's said it all very well. The city has slowly pushed the less desirables a little more out of sight every year, so as to put on its best face for the tourists. Right now we're seeing those peopole come out of the woodwork and the results of the city's half assed plan for economic development over the last twenty years.

Some of the places being destroyed are places that I, admittedly, never went near in almost five years. There were projects that would rival any in the country that I walked through at 4 in the morning, but I wouldn't drive through others in broad daylight with the doors locked. I'm not sure the police ever went to them except to pick up the bodies.