Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Open Blogging: Some observations and comments, on various facets of the tournament:

Is anyone else ready to see someone, anyone, beat the snot out of Maria "Loud Mary" Sharapova in straight six-love sets? Jesus, and I thought Monica Seles was a noisy player. Maria's shrieking is intolerable. And her dad looks like he's ready to be the next tennis hanger-on to stab someone.

Blake and Agassi: For many years, Blake played a lot like Agassi. He concentrated on baseline defense, returned hard, and hustled. This year he's coming to the net a lot more. Nobody's going to confuse him with Johnny Mac at the net, but he holds his own. What's more, he shows that he recognizes Federer's multifaceted game as the best way to dominate. Tonight, he may show us that he has grown past his idol. Certainly his legs will hold out longer. My guess is Blake in four.

Do the Williams sisters even bother to practice anymore?

When Andre retires, maybe he and Steffi could play mixed doubles. I mean, look at how well Navratilova is doing at nearly 50 years old.

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