Saturday, September 03, 2005

Destiny? Well, it's a long way to go to the final, but James Blake beat Rafael Nadal and then some. He won that match with authority. Each tournament usually features a player who, finalist or not, announces his presence in a way that can't be ignored. At the Open this year, Blake is announcing his arrival as a contender.

Great match, great win.


Flyer said...

Great match - Blake looked really good. Never know, eh.

Razor said...

Well, that's why they play the matches - anyone can win. I was amazed at how dis-spirited Nadal looked. I think he grew a little fat (emotionally) from winning all those tourneys this year, plus being the media's darling with his puckish culottes and inspiring biceps.

However, he's still only 18, and Flushing is a long way from Roland Garros or any Castillian town he might call home.

Blake put the crowd in his back pocket and roared to victory. He made Nadal look like the teenager he is. Bravo.