Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Razor Sharp Picks: Okay, you can all head to Vegas after reading my picks for the NFL season -- just be sure to play poker or blackjack or something; for heaven's sake, don't bet on any NFL games based on my predictions!

AFC East
: New England. You can't put a fork in them yet, although this is the season that will sorely test the "genius" label of Belly. Both top assistants gone, along with some of his veteran defensive muscle.

AFC North
: Baltimore. I think Pittsburgh is going to be off to a rough start with both starting RBs hurt, and having to rely on Rothlisburger to carry the day. Baltimore has that incredible defense, and has enough weapons on offense to score more than 13 pts, which is all the defense will allow. The QB is shaky, but just hand it off then...

AFC South
: Some are picking Jacksonville. I don't know why. The Colts will win the division; but can they beat New England this year? Probably the last year the team will feature Peyton, Edgerrin and Marvin all together.

AFC West
: For some reason I want to pick Oakland and then I look at that team's defense. Still looking...nope, can't find it. Let's say San Diego, with KC having a good shot if the stars align and its defense can find its stride. Otherwise, Brees, Tomlinson, Gates plus a solid D, should carry a weak division.

AFC Wild Card: Pittsburgh and KC (I just don't buy what the Jets are selling).

NFC East: Iggles. Some turmoil, but T.O. will play. McNabb in his prime, good cadre of running backs, Westbrook being one of the most dangerous of all time. Defense may be better than last year, with best secondary in the game. Great kicker. Coaching staff has been together for 6 years, which is forever. Must-win year b/c T.O. is gone afterwards, barring some sort of miracle.

NFC North
: It's gotta be Minnesota. Too strong offensively and have worked on the defense in the off-season. Green Bay will be game, but perhaps is getting a bit gamey overall.

NFC South
: Carolina. Everyone's Cinderella pick, and I'm not one to argue. Too much talent; very good coach; decent schedule. Tampa Bay still two years away -- needs an offense. New Orleans -- they have bigger issues right now.

NFC West: St. Louis. Weak, weak division. Eno likes AZ to improve, and hey, it can't get much worse, but I dunno -- Kurt Warner's mojo is more lost than Andy Roddick's (and how pissed off must AmEx be right now making Roddick the focal point of its ad campaign, in an "ironic" spin, only to have it be a self-fulfilling prophesy -- some things you simply can't make up).

Wildcards: Dallas, Atlanta.

: Iggles vs. San Diego (I know, I know), with the Birds winning in a blow-out.

First coach to get fired
: Mariucci. Lions fall to say, 2-7, Mooch gets the boot. Matt Millen steps down from front office to show how bad he can really muck things up.

T.O. Suspension: I agree...he plays all season, barring injury.

First QB Benched: Harrington. The Lions will have to be content with hosting SuperBowl.

Biggest Improvement: Washington. I think the NFC East will return to its glory days of having at least three competitive teams - once Gibbs gets his QB issues straightened out, there is no reason why it won't be a decent team.

Flyer, your turn...


Anonymous said...

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Razor said...

Okay, I added "word verification" to our comments before the SPAM posting gets out of hand -- unless this is some sort of social commentary by Eno that I am unaware of...

So, it will only take a second to verify, and hopefully get rid of the spam bots.

enobarbus said...

Hi I love your blog its fantastic. and I hear Razor is a love machine in bed because he bought VIAG?ra at looow low prices onlinbe!.!

Er, I mean, nice picks Razor. Way to really roll the dice. Did you pick any team that wasn't better than .667 last year? Let's hope Flyer shows some stones.

Razor said...

Ahem, Baltimore was 9-7 last year, or .562; St. Louis was 8-8 (even you can figure out that percentage); and Carolina 7-9 -- yes, a LESS-than .500 percentage. Did your fact-checker go on sabbatical?

Plus, picking P'Burgh to come in 2nd is huuuugggee upset pick; that team is everyone's darling.

And by the way, picking Dallas and Arizona is not so much daring as pschyo-tropic drug-induced.

Razor said...

And at least I picked TWO wild cards for each conference...Eno.

Maybe you were too distracted with those on-line pharmacies...

Flyer said...

Goodbye SPAMBOTS. It was fun while it lasted.

enobarbus said...

I love to taunt you, Razor. You get sooo angry! Yeah, AZ and Dallas are long shots. So what. Nobody ever made much money betting heavy favorites. Plus, I haven't seen anybody in the media (at least nobody that I was cribbing from) seem all that gung-ho on the "darling" P'burgh. Mostly I see questions about how good Ben Whatshisname really is.