Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sharpen your resume: Wanna job at the White House? Well, here's what you'll make.

What I can't tell is whether the list of staffers makes the payroll seem bloated, or whether I should be amazed the place gets as much done as it does.

Funny seeing people like Rove making "only" $161k. Then you realize: once he's done, it's fat city from here on out.

I wonder what FDR or Lincoln would have thought of this being one of the top jobs: "Assistant to President and Director of Faith-based and Community Initiatives." Well, I guess considering Lincoln didn't even have the Secret Service (to speak of), he would have just laughed and waxed eloquently.

Anyway, I want this one: "Ethics Advisor (Detailee)." This has to be the cushiest job in all of politics, regardless of administration. I'll take the pay cut.

MORE: Actually, this pays less, but it sounds like perk city: "Director of Mail Analysis."

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Flyer said...

Under Clinton' administration that would have been spelled differently!

Ha! I kill me.