Thursday, September 29, 2005

The DeLay Indictment: Information is scarce, to say the least. So far, this is the best thing I've read on the subject:
I loved what Nancy Pelosi said about this. The Republicans have a "culture of corruption." Yes, we are unworthy to breathe the same air as the party of Traficant, Rostenkowski, Ted Kennedy, Bob Torricelli, Bill Clinton, Webb Hubbell, Charlie Trie, Bert Lance, Sandy Berger. . . do I really have to repeat the whole list of crooks and weasels? Please, Nancy. Give it a rest.

The best thing about the Pelosi quote is the total disregard for the presumption of innocence. It's funnier when a Democrat does that, because they work so hard to enlarge the rights and privileges of violent criminals, and they whine about the presumption until you bleed from the ears. Couple that with the fact that the prosecutor has refused to reveal his evidence -— meaning it is completely impossible for Pelosi to know what she’s talking about -— and you have to laugh, unless you’re a totally humorless liberal beyond the reach of irony.

ANY liberal who says DeLay is guilty, while the grand jury proceedings are kept secret and the evidence has not been revealed, is a complete idiot and hypocrite. In fact, I would say the announcement of the indictment will serve as a good litmus test as to whether a given liberal is a reasonable person or a hopeless moonbat.

I'm not a big fan of Tom DeLay. He represents most of what I hate about the modern "conservative" movement. People tend to call him "effective" and "a strong majority leader." I haven't seen him leading any charges to cut spending in any serious way, reduce pork and waste, and eliminate the totally unserious federal projects and responsibilities that glut up the budget. In my mind that makes him an asshole. But the Democrats are grandstanding in an unforgivable way. Call me when there is a smoking gun, or a blue dress. From what's available publically, Tom DeLay is being indicted on less evidence, and less clear evidence, than existed to indict Al "Consecutively Numbered Money Orders from Buddhist Monastics" Gore.


Razor said...

The worst is that they have him on a "conspiracy" charge, which is like, impossible to prove unless someone squeals.
Even then, the specifics are few in the indictment.
This should be more of an idictment of the fund-raising process than of DeLay (who granted, doesn't evince much sympathy).
I'm proud Pelosi was able to choke back her tears of rage, however.

Flyer said...

I hadn't been following the buildup to DeLay's indictment, if there was any, but it strikes me as funny that it's rolled out just as DeLay is taking a beating from the right on his "no more fat to cut" statement. The Hammer's vulnerable with conservatives who actually care about making progress on issues, like spending, more than defending Republican apparatchiks, so let's hit him with a conspiracy charge that may not stick but makes for a great news cycle. Republican leader gets "Hammered" from both sides. Hmmm.

But I'm sure they couldn't pull it all together in a couple weeks, right. Right?