Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Interdictor: Checking in with the NOLA blogger Eno linked to last week. He has an amusing story about the 82nd Airborne busting into their building.
If you want to play soldier with me, I will make you play it a lot longer than you had in mind.


Razor said...

I LINKED TO IT!! I LINKED TO IT!! Why does Eno get credit for EVERYTHING???

I'm just as creative, savvy, edgy and well-dressed!!

If you two think you can just edge me out of this blog, you can think again! I'm in for the long haul, baby. With all the stock and options I have coming my way, you both can't even sneeze without my say-so. Get used to it -- Da Razor is representing!!

Flyer said...

Eno, did your something. Ah, must have been the wind.