Friday, September 16, 2005

Fond memories of hours wasted: Baylen Linnekin, posting at his own blog and at our friend The Agitator's blog, tells us that NHL '94 has been voted the best video game of all time by visitors to This is the only video game that I ever got truly addicted to, in fact the only I've ever played enough to get good at, and hence enjoy to its fullest.

Another side of this story, though, is how odd it is that with all the improvements in graphics and sound quality, not to mention a flood of games with celebrity involvement/endorsement, the "best ever" is game from over ten years ago. And it's a hockey game, for cryin' out loud. Hockey's about as popular as log-rolling in this country, as we've learned all too well in the past year. But it makes for the best video game? Okay.

Says something, I think, about nostalgia, and about how people in Boston are, unlike most of the population, psychotic when it comes to hockey. Or just, you know, psychotic.

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Razor said...

I, and my two roommates (both from college) played this frigging game non stop back in The Day. I, like Flyer, was equally addicted and proficient in the game (fortunately better than both roommates). There was nothing better than taking out a forward screaming down the ice along the boards, and see his quivering body lie helplessly on the ice.