Friday, September 23, 2005

Hello, Oslo! We love you, and you're giving us Instapundit-like traffic (well, not really). But I have to ask you to please drop a note in the comments. Let us know why the sudden surge in FP's popularity in Norway. I'm almost afraid to ask, since I'm imagining Babelfish rendering one of Flyer's typically evenhanded posts into something rather controversial up Norway . . . uh, way.

Anyhow, welcome. I thought I'd bone up on (that is, familiarize myself with) your country. Now, here is Oslo in the winter. Or is it summer? Can't tell. It looks a bit like a New England town, but with no drunken Irish people visible on the streets. Nobody visible on the street, since it's probably -54 degrees in this picture.

Here is the airport train, which is called, I believe, the Flytoget. A perfect name, really, for a train that you fly to get. Note the almost preternatural cleanliness. Two days ago, I never heard of the place. Today, I'm moving there. What are your political asylum laws like? Any special slots for people who live under the jackboot of America's totalitarian smoking laws?

Here's something cool about Norway: When Hitler tried to establish a puppet regime in Norway, under Vidkun Quisling, the Norwegians -- unlike the French -- would have none of it, and the Nazis were forced to remove Quisling. (Look here to read why the paperclip, worn as a lapel pin, was the symbol of the Norwegian resistance.)

This is Trondheim, where the University is. Jesus, eh? What the hell are you doing on the internet with that outside? This is what my city looks like. Here's a picture of our City Hall. It's hard to walk inside.


Razor said...

I think we must (regretfully) give strong consideration to the possibility that the page views we think are coming from afar, may only be routing through a Scandanavian way point, and not in fact, originating in the dorm room of three lonely, hot, but intellectual, Swedish triplets.

Razor said...

You know, or Norwegian triplets. I'm not picky...