Friday, April 30, 2004

Against the Law: Here's Radley's tribute to Buddy's Smoking Pig restaurant, part of a disappearing breed: the restaurant with a smoking section. They're still out there, even where it's technically illegal. If there's one in your town, tip big -- and tell them why.

Here's mine.

Packard's gained its reputation as a defender of peoples' rights when we stood up against the local pabulum puking liberals and their crusade against the smoking public. Packard's is a private place in which the public is invited. It is not a public place. It is important that you get that in your head.
As an aside, you have to love the oddball tip of the hat to chain-smoking Morton Downey Jr.'s famous "pabulum-puking liberals" line. Downey lost to lung cancer in 2001. Incidentally, Mort also made the improbable claim to have written the Surfaris' hit song "Wipeout."

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