Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Eno - he's a uniter, not a divider: Don't get all contrarian on us regarding Green's "bad song" list. I will certainly admit that one man's fave is another's most-hated, but there has to be some agreement that songs like Europe's "The Final Countdown" is simply awful - even if everyone was listening to it for about 5 minutes.

Yes, I owned "No Jacket Required" and that was a good album. It's just the crap he put out afterwards that tarnished his once good name. ABBA was also a great group that put out some of the catchiest and most melodious songs ever made. Some, however, were among the most dreck-filled as well.

Your point about "Mercy Street" v. "Don't Lose My Number" (which had a pretty funny video for its day) is well taken - catchy pop song versus self-important dirge. Still, I like them both about the same.

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