Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Nice Dodge: Thanks for the lecture, E.F. Hutton. Jesus, you talk like you're running for office. While you raise some worthy points for consideration, you still manage to duck my question almost entirely. Yes, I too see a hike in the fed rate as inevitable. (I think, in fact, that we'll see a few, since Greenspan is nothing if not incremental.) It's also inevitable that I will need dinner at some point tonight. Since my son is sick, and my wife will likely not have much time to cook, she may ask me what the hell I'm going to make her for dinner. I honestly don't think I'd get away with, "Ah, my dear, but I do recognize the inevitability of dinner. And trends suggest that it will become necessary in the foreseeable future. I suggest you observe the cattle futures market. An uptick in near-term prices may be a leading indicator that I have dispatched to White Castle for a sack o' burgers."

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