Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Closing the Loop: More trouble being stirred up at the Agitator. Radley follows up on my follow up on the pro-choice/pro-abortion semantics. Then he gives men a place at the abortion decision table and invokes slavery. Two great things about it:

1. It's interesting, thoughtful, pull-no-punches stuff.

2. It's guaranteed to piss off Razor.

More: Reading the comments to Radley's post reminds me what kind of issue this is. This comment struck me:

No, I would not feel "relieved" if a pregnant woman was talked out of an abortion. But what you're missing is that I don't think abortion is morally wrong - you might as well ask if I'd be "relieved" if she was talked out of getting her tonsils taken out.
Ouch. I think this is a fairly common attitude among the NARAL crowd. It puts me in mind of something I wrote in January, when I described abortion as "killing a human being":
The pro-choice side really needs to get over this, by the way; "kill" is the proper and accurate word for subtracting the "living" from "living being." Their problem is not that they want abortion legal. It's that they want this one free; they want it to be not only legal but also morally neutral to abort -- i.e., it's not "killing" and/or it's not a "human."
"Fetus = tonsils" is a pretty good illustration of this.

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