Tuesday, April 20, 2004

White Castle: Heh. That's one place where you kind of need that question. I pity the bastard who tries to make a meal of a burger there.

"Have you dined with us before? No? Then you'll want to know that one of our Slyders couldn't keep an aphid satisfied through a Simpson's episode."

Speaking of which, I'll have to find a detour on my travels this summer to hit a Sonic Drive-In. Have you tried this? Flyer took me out last year, when I ventured out of New England (motto: "Refusing to move on from the unimaginative standards of boiled British cuisine since 1620"), for a SuperSonic and a strawberry limeade. It makes Burger King seem like a ridiculous relic of hamburger days long passed, like an Amish buggy being passed on I-78 by a Ferrari.

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