Thursday, June 05, 2003

Speed Trap: Soon Charlotte, NC police won't have to rely on actual officers actually seeing you speed. Why should they, when cameras can do the job for them. All 22 Republican senators opposed this bill, but that wasn't enough to stop it. I'm particularly disgusted by this quote, from Democrat Dan Clodfelter:
Are we for effective law enforcement as long as it's not too effective?
Right, well wouldn't it be effective to install sensors in my home to detect marijuana smoke? Sure, but we don't allow that. And why should police have to specify what they intend to find in a search warrant? Makes it awfully hard to be effective. I don't think a slippery slope argument is necessary, folks. This is far enough down the slope for me. And did Clodfelter slip up here, or what:
What this process doesn't do is allow a driver to talk her way out of a ticket.
(Emphasis mine) He couldn't be suggesting that police officers selectively enforce the law by letting ladies to charm their way out of ticket. The whole thing ticks me off.

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