Thursday, June 26, 2003

Wimbledon: I feel for poor Greg Rusedski, who burst into a welter of profanity on court yesterday:
As [Andy Roddick] floated a backhand down the court, a fan called "Out" from the crowd and Rusedski stopped playing the point. The umpire subsequently gave the point to Roddick and refused to allow a let for the interjection from the crowd.
I think I would have loudly demanded a f*cking let, too. Worse yet is the embarrassing opinion piece by Christine Brennan, who has the dubious distinction of being wrong every time she sets pen to paper, in USA Today. She begins by introducing Rusedski as "A Brit (actually a Canadian who became a Brit to try to become more rich and famous at Wimbledon, but that's another story)" who had "[o]ne of the silliest and most unwarranted temper tantrums in Centre Court history . . . that almost had [John] McEnroe blushing in the BBC booth." And she quotes McEnroe:
When a tennis player's behavior shocks McEnroe, you know it's pretty bad. "From someone who quite honestly has lost it - I'm speaking of myself - it doesn't make any sense," McEnroe said on the air. "It's an embarrassing way for him to walk off the court. "
Crap. McEnroe has done worse -- far worse -- and he knows it. McEnroe is, in my opinion, the most talented guy to ever pick up a racquet, but for him to play the voice of reason here is insulting beyond words. As for Brennan, who knows why she should choose to be so spiteful toward Rusedski, except, perhaps, that she knows she's full of shit and needs to play the scold to feel better.

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