Monday, June 30, 2003

Donuts: Via A&LD comes this article about the new power of Krispy Kreme. I knew Krispy Kreme from the South, so when I they had their IPO I was optimistic. But what happened surprised me anyway. As the article mentions, the chain still has fewer than a tenth the number of outlets as Dunkin' Donuts. But who has the buzz? And, honestly, when was the last time a trip to Dunkies got you excited? Pulling up to Krispy Kreme just as the light goes on is just one of those magic moments to savor. When the first New England outlet opened up in a suburb of Hartford, the roads in the neighborhood had to be closed down because of the crowds. The opening of the second outlet, also in Connecticut, was put on hold, some say because local authorities needed time to set up crowd contingency plans.

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