Monday, June 23, 2003

ACLU convert: Ronald Bailey explains why, this time, he didn't just throw away the solicitation letter. He argues that, despite areas where there is disagreement, support of an organization that is committed to defending civil liberties is a good thing.
Nevertheless, the ACLU is oh-so-right on the vital and timely constitutional issues of free speech and protection of people from unreasonable and intrusive government action.
I am sympathetic to this argument, but I'm still not sure of the ACLU. Their concern over government intrusion on civil liberties seems to rise and fall with the change of party in the White House. If they saw the transfer of power to a large, central government as an intrusion, even when it's done by a democrat, I'd be more supportive. Bailey does list many concerns regarding the Bush administration and its treatment of capturees in its post-9/11 war on terrorism. But he doesn't convince me that this is leading to a scenario where liberty is any more scarce than it was when he was still throwing away ACLU correspondance.

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