Monday, June 23, 2003

I'm no quota-monger: No, no, no. I don't think it's okay to have quotas. I don't think diversity itself is inherently a good thing or that having a greater mix of students of color will achieve it. This is the presumption that no one dares question anymore, including the majority of the Supreme Court. Diversity admittance was originally supposed to be simply one of the means of achieving the end of a more well-rounded student. However, it quickly snowballed into the only issue, and then supplanted the target goal altogether. I think universities should be open to everyone, and indeed, they pretty much are (except, one used to think, dumb people - but even they have colleges to go to - provided they can pay, of course). The problem is that there is such enormous pressure on educators to out-liberal themselves, that no one stops to question the efficacy and worthiness of their methods, much less the goal. They only care about their statistics to prop up their propaganda ("XXXXX University boasts a diverse campus, supportive of all special interest groups, and opposed to any Western European Male thought.") Where does this get us at the end of the day, however? Anyone, anyone?

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