Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Libraries and Pornography: Why are we talking about access to top-tier schools via race categorization, when we should be talking about access to the naughty bits on Uncle Sam's dime? Hey, you tell me which one will affect your life more.

I was all set for a clear violation of the long-accepted "community standards" norm, but now I'll just shut up:

Four justices said the law was constitutional, and two others said it was allowable as long as libraries disable the filters for adult patrons who ask. The law does not specifically require the disabling.
The decision itself sounds fair to me. Since I'm not a big fan of federal funding for community resources anyway, I don't much care about libraries losing funding. (Although I think the federal-funds bullying that comes out of Washington is an example of the totalitarianism-with-a-smile mindset so common in congress.) In the end, you can still get your T&A fix at the public library, but you may have to ask the grandmotherly lady behind the counter to "switch on the dirty pictures, please." (Don't kid yourself. She knows all of the best sites, too.)

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