Friday, June 06, 2003

Checking In: Limited by time and technology to much real posting today, folks, and with Enobarbus punching out for weekend it'll be pretty slow. Time for a few notes, though:

Page 3 news today regarding the Family Time Flexibility Act. Seems there wasn't enough support to pass this critical bill that would let workers take time off in lieu of overtime pay. Who opposed it? Labor unions of course, since it's something employers and employees might agree to without six months of union negotiation and strike threats. What I don't know is, why are United States Senators, exalted individuals that they are, needed to debate this. Talk about a "nanny state." Probably 1,400 pages worth of dreck so that Bill in Accounting can duck out 3:00 to catch the Little Leauge Game. National security at stake here.

Hammas says they won't promise to refrain from activities in cooperation with the "road map." I can't link to it right now but I'm sure someone at NRO is telling us why this isn't a surprise. And it isn't. And the peace process will go on for the cameras and important people will sit around big tables negotiating over plots of land the size of my futon and about as arable the way cheetahs negotiate over a freshly killed gazelle. And then something will blow up and we'll go back to square one. All Bush's fault, of course.

And finally, props to girls who take no shit. My friend Adrian was attacked yesterday afternoon by a vagrant behind the mall where she works. Grabbed by the arm and slung up against the dumpster, she Van Dammed the guy in the knee and kicked him in a very sensitive place that will go unsaid. He had to be taken to the hospital since his leg was bent like Joe Theisman's. And of course.....he's pressing charges.

Good weekend to everyone.

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