Tuesday, June 17, 2003

O'Reilly's not even original: O'Reilly burst onto the national stage with a seemingly different show that dealt in moral absolutism instead of pandering inclusion. While it wasn't necessarily shouting, it was stern lecturing with bombastic interruptions, that made every guest automatically ratchet up the tension level. Well, guess what. He's just doing Morton Downey, Jr.'s act (the linked site is a bit squirrely). Remember "The Loudmouth" who dared to smoke on t.v. (even back when smoking wasn't illegal everywhere, it was still daring), and who stood up and screamed at losers on t.v.? He was interesting for about 10 minutes, and then by his own admission, he went over the top and promptly jumped the shark. We discussed awhile back that guy who used to be on WABC Radio in NYC. He's Bill O'Reilly 15 years ago. Of course, you can't find that guy on the dial anymore. Just give O'Reilly time. He'll say something really stupid or bad and he'll begin the descent into obscurity.

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