Tuesday, June 17, 2003

No more Che! t-shirts: Careful readers will remember my question of a while ago about whether we'd ever see Saddam t-shirts in the same spirit of the now-ubiquitous grainy Che t-shirts signifying that you're either a) a failed revolutionary or b) a poseur hipster. In any event, most would reject the idea of placing the murderous Hussein in the same league as the noble Che. Well, think again. While it's no doubt true that Guevera didn't kill as many people as Saddam, it's likely that it's only because he didn't have the chance. Perhaps more accurately, if he didn't kill as many, it's because he wasn't as good at it. In any event, Guevera, like Castro was a fraud. The only difference is that Che died, and Castro has lived (on and on and on). We all know an early death covers up many flaws (see JFK and MLK), and tends to leave us with a distorted memory of who that individual actually was. In any event, I was pleased to read this piece if only to puncture those gas bags who find the Cuban "struggle" of the highest order. Who needs to eat, have a house without holes, or a the right to free speech when you get to live in a communist paradise, where everyone is equal?

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