Friday, September 10, 2004

These words are mine and mine alone: In a dramatic announcement, which is sure to shake academia to its very core, Harvard law professor writing on Brown v. Board of Education, admits to lifting 6 whole paragraphs from a rival Yalie's book on same topic [strangely however, six words from the lifted section were changed].

Now, the plagiarism is attributed to "editing mistakes" when the author delegated too much responsibility to his (probably unpaid) assistants. Yet the author bravely takes a stand and states: "There is no one to blame but me," So, eight words taking the blame; over three paragraphs explaining how his assistants screwed up. So, in the Clinton mode of apology, what he reallly means is: "Come now old boy, I mean, it's the fu*king t.a.s who should be sacked. Ruin their future, I am a Harvard fricking professor, okay? Hey look, Stephen Ambrose!"

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