Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Mr. Ovitz here: Razor is off finding the right thread-count for my Egyptian cotton finger cots, so that I can start reading this mail that is piling up. Razor keeps assuring me 300 thread count is sufficient - I ask him who he's kidding, and chop-chop with the eucalyptus tea.

Dunno who this Enobarbus fellow is. Sounds a bit mid-western to me, what with all the child-rearing and domestic issues. Don't think he'll be at the Vanity Fair party (reminds me, get Harvey some Cubans quick - that'll get a returned phone call).

This place is a real dump, but don't worry readers, I'm about to bring some major fucking value to the table. Heard of "Google", well this is going to make that look like "Boondoggle" (good one Ov, still got it). I got two calls into Bear Stearns; gonna give them major up-front strike level IPO shit.

Well, this keyboard is for crap (anyone ever hear of ergonomics?). Ovitz out.

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