Thursday, September 30, 2004

Last minute thoughts: Many are calling this debate the "joint press conference." That's true, as far as pre-planned statements, ignoring questions, and no Lincoln-Douglas style questioning by the candidates of each other. But I look for some surprises, particularly from Kerry. Some say he's got the most to lose, but based on the polls (and his declining numbers) he's got the least to lose. He probably won't pull a Howard Dean and start screaming, but he's got to be animated and (no small challenge for him) funny. He's got to get people to like him. I look for a "zinger" sometime early, and if it's a good one, he'll get more confident. If it's a dud, he'll sleep with the fishes.

And so, the limes are cut, the ice is stocked. Let's get ready to .....drink!

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