Thursday, September 02, 2004

Separation of Church and State, Part 3,987,544: Some of you may have read about a 16-year old girl who was recently hanged in a public square in Iran, to warn others of the dangers of committing offenses against morality. Her crime? Taking off her head scarf in a court proceeding to complain of being the victim of a sexual assault by an older man. And people are complaining about the Kobe muck-up.

What is more interesting, and as this article shows, is that even under the harshest interpretation of traditional Islamic law, what she did in no way shape or form merited death by hanging. Sex between unmarried people only gets 100 lashes. Sex by a married woman outside of her marriage requires stoning (which has rarely been carried out of late). But this girl gets hanged for her "sharp tongue" and "undressing in court".

Any more questions why they hate us so much?

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