Thursday, September 30, 2004

A little behind: Sorry, but travels, work, and a balky computer have kept me out of the loop lately, but i had to respond to this.

I'm sure my comrades have their own memories of "Scottso," but I have a favorite. Muni's voice to me will forever be linked to the day Stevie Ray Vaughn died in that helicopter crash. WNEW was doing an all day tribute and Muni was intro-ing the song Hard To Be off the yet to be released Family Style, done with brother Jimmie. Muni quoted the words from the beginning of the the song as a fitting description of Stevie Ray's life and music: Roll, and I'll just feel somethin'. It was a perfect radio moment, in a time when radio still had an emotional link to the audience, when a disc jockey did something other than push buttons and plug car dealers and vinyl siding.

I haven't been in the tri-state area in years, but in my mind Muni was the perfect DJ. Wolfman Jack for a different generation. RIP.

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