Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Rather Sloppy Wouldn't You Say?: I too wish to hop on the Rather-bashing bandwagon. However, because I have no expert knowledge on typefonts, nor am I an inveterate column-reader, I shall leave the hard-core analysis to others.

No, I'm more interested in what CBS will (or more likely will not) do in response to this. We've already seen Rather go on the defensive offensive, but query this: if Rather wasn't Rather, but oh say, Geraldo, or even just a low-level correspondent trying to make his name, isn't it abundantly clear that CBS would have already put the reporter on "administrative leave pending investigation" and start distancing itself from his/her near abdication of journalistic integrity? If your answer is "no", then you buy into the premise that the media is just over-the-top liberal, and will never see the other side to a story.

I am still not that jaded, and I don't see why CBS doesn't take this opportunity to jettison Rather and finally, at long last, install the next anchorperson (and no, Ms. Chung, we're still not taking your calls). Look, you have Brokaw stepping down after the election, so if there was ever a time to take a chance on ratings, now is the time. CBS is number 3 in any event, and in the competition of making reading a teleprompter look tough, Rather is ahead by several lengths. The downside of this move is minimal; the network can only go up from here.

Face facts, this guy's fastball has never been above the mid-eighties, but now, he's resorting to the jalapeno in the nostrils (scroll down to the quote near the end) to bring in the viewers. He's old, he's delrious, and now, he can't even put together a decent scoop. Let him ride out the election like Brokaw, and then cite to the usual "more time with family" or hell, "gone fishing" would even work. Then bring in some hottie.


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