Thursday, September 02, 2004

Free Kobe: Kobe Bryant's accuser has pulled the plug on the criminal case against the NBA star. Of course the prosecution says it has nothing to do with their case crumbling bit by bit in every pretrial motion, but only because the victim is too fed up with the attention. Says DA Mark Hurlbert,
"The prosecution wants to try this case. I want to try this case," he said. "However, the victim has informed us after much of her own labored determination that she does not want to proceed. For this reason and this reason only I am dismissing the case."
Yeah, and if my 105 pound girlfriend weren't holding me back, I'd come over there and kick your ass. They dropped this case because their victim was looking less and less credible every day. I don't feel sorry for Kobe, and it's cetainly possible that he really did rape her, but this, and the still to come civil suit, are looking like George W.'s hated frivolous law suits. I know the standards for liability in a civil trial are different from those in a criminal trial, but I don't understand how the accuser can expect to get much of a settlement.

Here's the apology Kobe was made to sign as part of the deal for the criminbal case being dropped.

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