Thursday, September 02, 2004

Comments: The comments function seems to be well, non-functioning at moment. I rang up Blogger to see what was going on. Their response was "no comment."

Which you really very funny. See, it's like a play on the whole word. Sort of like my tongue-in-cheek thing with the word "function" above. This is why we were scientifically selected as one of the most intelligent blogs of all time. Now, let me say further that....

MR. OVITZ HERE: I told Razor to get his cute little ass (easy Geffen, I'm not in your camp all of a sudden) back to the plumbing issues in my new suite and worry less over the technical problems of his worthless posting.

However as the comments section is no-go right now, allow me two quick replies to this Flyer fella (see how they all come out of the woodwork when the Ov-Dog is in the house?): (1) Lattes are for extras getting day-rate scale. Soy chai is for Players. Got it? (2) Use a godforsaken spell-check, man. This blog ain't for pikers anymore. Got that?

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Razor said...

NOTE: The comments seem to be working now. Note the irony.