Thursday, September 02, 2004

One More Thing: Read Chris Matthews's silly account of his tangle with Zell Miller on Hardball. Jesus, for a show called Hardball, people are getting pretty upset about the fact that some guy came on and played it.

Did you see their actual exchange? Sure, Miller's a total oddfellow who has barely been a Democrat since his appointment to the Senate. Still, Miller's not the first dude to make some pretty wild claims this cycle. Put it this way: Try to imagine Matthews interviewing a Republican who is suddenly stunningly critical of George W. Bush. Think that fellow would have gotten the third degree? The correct answer is, Chris Matthews would be waking up today with a horrible rug burn on his knees.

I questioned [Miller] about some of his remarks. Knowing what I know about how they vote on Capitol Hill, I tried to get him to talk about how senators all the time, for legislative reasons, vote "No" as a legislative tactic because too much money is being spent, when they couldn't have backed the bill otherwise. This goes for conservatives voting against social programs just as it does for liberals voting against weapons systems.
Ah, but have you ever heard Matthews blasting some fruity old socialist for trashing the GOP for voting against social spending by saying, "Oh, those were tactical votes!" Yeah, me neither.

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