Friday, September 03, 2004

On Kerry/Edwards: Oh yeah, they gave a rebuttal, sort of. I stopped paying attention after my esteemed Senator (at least he was elected to be one, though that was only a few years ago and he's been in campaign mode for most of the time) started going on about the 4 million new uninsured and the 2 million newly poor and the 3 million dead puppies etc. What I really noticed first, though, was Edwards' left wrist. He was gesturing with that hand constantly and I couldn't help but spot the yellow wristband that has become so prevalent of late. It's the Lance Armstrong bracelet, the badge of the caring and generous, all endeavouring to "Live Strong" as Lance commands. I feel like the guy who actually favors dead puppies here, but I'm so sick of these bracelets. I know, cancer is terrible, do you have to shove it in my face? They're like LiveAid t-shirts, announcing the morally correct nature of the people they adorn. And I don't know where the fuck people buy them. If it's important that everyone support the cause, and supporting the cause is best done by purchasing a yellow bracelet, why can't I buy one at Eckerd's or the Exxon station. Christ, they must come free with a G-mail account.

But Senator Edwards and Senator Kerry were both wearing theirs tonight (I'd spotted Kerry's before; I think he's got a box of them just in case the handler loses one). It just gives of a phony baloney air of superiority that I can't stand, so they've lost any chance of swinging me to their side.

What'll I do if George shows up on the campaign trail tomorrow sporting the yellow badge of courage? Effin' burn my voter registration card, and pour a stiff drink.

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Anonymous said...

how do u get a kerry-edwards wristband? i cant find anywear to order them!