Wednesday, June 18, 2003

These are a few of my least favorite things: I'm at the boiling point. I cannot take any more. "Bush's tax cuts?" you ask. No. "The Laci Petersen coverage?" you inquire. No. "Women who wear $800 business suits and $25 flip flops?" you plead desperately. Bingo!! If there's a stupider look, I haven't seen it since hairstyles in the early 80s. I, unfortunately, couldn't get a good picture to use as Exhibit "A" for proving my point, but imagine a nice looking woman walking down the street, you start at her face and hair, then down her fashionable attire, only to end in horror as you simultaenously see the beat-up "stylish" flip-flop and hear it's tell-tale *thlack thlack* sound. What could this otherwise put-together woman be thinking? Plus, most people dont' have that great feet, and well, it's a bit much really. This must stop. As a Democrat, I'd like to legislate against it. What solution does a Libertarian offer?

UPDATE: This was timely. I just happened to come across this article in the NYT. Leave it to that rag to praise the whole concept of flip flops. It's typical of the freedom women enjoy in their fashion -shorts, t-shirts, flip flops - all become "acceptable" at work. If a man rolls up his sleeves, he gets questionable looks. It's a woman's, woman's, woman's world!

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