Thursday, June 05, 2003

Court of Public Opinion: Charged with obstruction, Martha begins her PR battle with an open letter to her "friends":
I simply returned a call from my stockbroker. Based in large part on prior discussions with my broker about price, I authorized a sale of my remaining shares in a biotech company called ImClone. I later denied any wrongdoing in public statements and in voluntary interviews with prosecutors. The government's attempt to criminalize these actions makes no sense to me.
This is even more transparent than the Hillary book leak! Stewart worked on Wall Street, so she knows exactly why she's been charged. But it wouldn't do much for her image for her to be anything other than a victim, though, so she'll play the dumb blonde act for now. It's a good defense, if a little far-fetched coming from a media/finance empress, and she may be able to beat this if she can hold that story together. She must only be wondering what the broker is telling the SEC.

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