Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Blogging hard for the money: I was going to write something last week regarding Andrew Sullivan's "pledge week," but decided that, frankly, I had little to add and little trouble with the concept of "blegging" (can't we do better than that phrase?). The market can decide and if the blog in question adds as much to a reader's life as a typical magazine or newspaper, then why not, eh. Many others had chimed in though and, frankly, I usually have to be "pissed to post" and Andrew's deal doesn't piss me off. Now I see this. And this. And on and on it goes.

Just a little heavy handed, no? At least Sully pretty much makes his plea then goes about the day of commentary. Every other word on The Corner is a tribute to how wonderful NRO is and its readers are. Guys, I get it. And I subscribe. And I see your pop-ups every day. If you want to have a fund drive, bake me a cake.

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