Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Last strike at the dead horse: N. Korea needs cash so bad it is flouting all prior agreements and willing to draw the already considerable ire of the Free World in order to ramp up its nuclear program. N. Korea has a proven history of selling missles and other short to medium range weapons to anyone with the Benjamins. N. Korea has an autocrat who is probably more deluded than Saddam (Saddam at least has tasted the sting of defeat). N. Korea has a huge military and a giant highway that leads right to Seoul. Yet, we are strongly considering more aid to N. Korea if it will simply abide by an agreement it voluntarily made only a few years ago (after receiving more aid) - Saddam had his "agreement" imposed on him after being humiliated in Kuwait. I understand that we're invading Iraq because we can, and because no one will really care that we did when it's all said and done. We have no policy with respect to Kim Jong other than to hope that China and/or Russia can contain him. The argument for Iraq is even more applicable to N. Korea, but we do nothing. Why? Because the rhetoric is only that. I hope Saddam takes it in the ass from a one of those new MOAB bombs we just tested. But as bad as the Frances and Deans (sounds like an early 60's folk group) of the world are, the justification offered by this Administration as to the "urgency" of getting Saddam is equally hollow.

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