Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Everybody....Google!: Here's a wonderful article about Google, from the National Post - which I've discovered has some great writers. Anyway, I remember using Google way back when in 1999 or so, when it wasn't even in beta-testing, really. It was just sort of un-known and un-appreciated, as everyone stuck to Yahoo (remember when Yahoo was a search engine?) or Lycos. Oh sure, Dogpile still has its adherents, and some people like the hipness of AskJeeves, but no one can seriously argue that Google isn't the champeen of meta searching (take that Teoma). Plus, no annoying pop-ups. The only ads are off to the side without flashing, jumping or popping. The thing is quick, and in my experience, unerringly accurate (granted I can data-retrieve like no body's business). Anyway, there's no need to go on and on, but yea gods, this thing was only invented in 1998!

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