Friday, March 21, 2003

Observation: Okay, I'm not the first to observe that we're seeing the bloggers in their element, but the "private" coverage of the war so far has been a far sight better than the mainstream stuff. It's great to have the pictures on tv, but I just read a slew of interesting posts on the Turkish situation over at the Corner well before any details hit any of the news sites. By the time any big news services had any information on what Turkey was up to, I had read the opposing arguments, knew what I thought, and was ready for more. Sure, it's nice to know that the networks have to double check their sources. That aside, I'd much rather read Stephen Green blogging (and doing his bit to make up for the teetotalling Muslim world) than hear Brian Williams stumble through another "You are looking at the sky over Baghdad ..." The difference is that Green posts when he has something interesting to say. The network boys (and girls) will talk as long as the red light is on, no matter how vapid the content.

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