Thursday, March 20, 2003

The Wait: The war is bound to begin with what will be seen as bad news; in fact, it's begun: We missed Saddam (maybe, maybe not); the oil fires have started (this was expected); Kuwait has been hit with Scuds (duds, apparently; our Patriot batteries got the live ones). One thing to keep in mind is that we're going to fight a non-linear war, as the Pentagon would call it. We're not interested in taking territory to garrison, or prisoners we need to guard, so some of the typical "victory" news that accompanies war is denied us. Another thing to remember is that, at this point, most of what is happening on the ground, from our end, is special forces action. We won't know about this for a while, if ever, but you can be pretty sure that we had units all over Iraq (including Baghdad, or its outskirts) weeks ago, ready to start silent missions targeting things like chem weapons and anti-aircraft installments (and Saddam). Good news will come for us -- a lot of it, and quickly -- but not yet.

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