Monday, March 17, 2003

And their re-make of "Landslide" sucked: First you notice how she phrased her statement to maximize its effect: "...we're ashamed the [POTUS] is from Texas." Now you were generous and said she was making a principled statement. However, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say something like "You know, being a Texan is about [insert characteristics that only Texans have or that they have more of than your average, say, North Dakotan], and when we see the President doing [some shameful un-Texan activity] we are deeply saddened and want to revoke his boot-wearing privileges, you know, even though his father wasn't from Texas, and he went to the most elite, liberal East-Coast schools, and he helped drive one of our baseball franchises into the ground despite all that oil money from his dad's friends." So, having put their (chicken) necks on the line with their vapid, broad, snarky statement, it then backfires, so their record company makes them issue a retraction coupled with a non-apology ("not that what we said wasn't true, but we should have said it differently"). This, is of course, reason #249 why singers/movie stars shouldn't pretend they have a mandate to speak up on issues of actual importance.

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