Thursday, March 27, 2003

Sod off: I've been thumbing through my old Constitutional Law books and still haven't found the part where it says the government can enact laws to "uphold the traditional family values of white heterosexuals". The problem even Scalia has to have is that where is the threat from consensual sodomy? Banning that doesn't somehow rid the world of homosexuals - it just makes them more pissed off. "Well, John, since I can't bugger you legally, I better go straight - after all, it is a choice you know." The fall back is that it's not for the judges to decide what is good for Texas (certainly we've learned the Dixie Chicks are not), but that strategy is an obvious whiff at the plate. Plus, the law is so overly discriminatory, that I can't see what basis any dissenting judge could have in today's world. I agree that I don't see Thomas being one to shoot down sexual freedom.

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